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We Transformed The Way Knowledge is Managed.

Knowledge at your fingertips, as easy as 1 2 3


Boost Your Team Productivity

Empower them to focus on the important stuff

Proactive and Predictive Information Delivery in 3-Clicks

Intelligently and automatically gather what you need.
Its simple:
1. Select one or more items from your connected source feeds (Google Drive, Mail, or Microsoft365, Mail, and/or other sources);
2. Right click to make a hoop and give it a name relevant to the task at hand;  Watch as bithoop instantly creates a workspace with all related information across all connected sources.  
You now have one place that is the "source of truth" for the information you need instead of many.
3. Adjust to fine tune however you like.
Create another hoop for another task....


Find Related Items in 1-Click

Find faster! When working with information in bithoop, a single right click will find all items related to the item you're working on, no matter where anyone put it.

Prioritize Items in 1-Click

Right click on any item and prioritize it.  That lets you get right back to the things you need instantly.

Got a meeting in a few minutes? Go to that workspace and instantly have everything you need in front of you.



Edit, Modify, or Create in 1-Click

You can create, edit or modify Microsoft and/or Google documents (or email) right from within bithoop.

Clip from Web

Save any open tab in your browser as a PDF to a cloud folder, and bithoop will automatically pick it up, process the information in it, and put it in the right hoop



Never miss anything from your VIP's

Monitor anything new from your VIP's, and never miss that important email, or file update.

Add and remove VIP's in a single click, as often as you need, and never miss a thing.

Light Years Ahead

Bithoop, the easiest and fastest way
to manage company knowledge, for everyone.