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Gather information from many apps, work with it in one.

Bithoop knowledge assistant automatically gathers, information from many places to let you prioritize and act on it one.

Bithoop — Manage information by what's in it, not by where someone put it
Gather It

By Project

  • Create a smart agent (hoop) per project, task etc.;

  • Tell it what you need  from any or all connected work apps, and voila its all there;

  • Never miss a thing.  Hoop's update automatically as new information arrives in your connected sources;

Gather it


Prioritize It

Stay in Focus

  • Prioritize key information for instant access;

  • Prioritize within a hoop and across all hoops;

  • No more frantic searching. What you need is always a single click away;


  • Prioritize it


Work with It

Works with your apps

  • Work items, regardless of the app they are in are automatically organized in hoops;

  • Work in your apps and bithoop will put it in the right hoop;

  • Work in bithoop and it will update in your apps;



Bithoop — All the information you need automatically at your fingertips.