Bithoop: Smart Files™ Edition (beta)

We are looking for some early adopters to try out our The Smart Files™ Edition and beta test now. It only works with files and only with Microsoft O365 …. for now.  Optionally, it also works simultaneously with SharePoint on premise (but let’s talk about that.)

Smart Files Edition makes your files “smart”, automatically and intelligently grouping related files together as you work. It doesn’t matter what folder it’s in or where it’s located. You can instantly see duplicates and shared files, and you can work with them in O365 like you normally do.

There are many cool things for you to explore in this early edition. You can view and search files across multiple O365 accounts, you can automatically see related files while you’re working on one, you can take files with you in one consistent UI, and you can instantly migrate files without actually migrating them. And this is just the beginning.

And oh, by the way, we can customize a lot of the intelligence in bithoop to your needs.

Take Smart Filing With You Wherever You Go

Automatic intelligent document management in your pocket, on your desktop, pad or laptop, for you and your team.

No matter what you’re doing in bithoop, it is always thinking.  It constantly gathers related information automatically while you’re working.  That helps you and your team discover important information you forgot about or no-one remembers where they put it.

Continue to use Microsoft Office Tools like you always have, coupled with smart file management, Office has never been smarter.

Our Rocket Search is fast, intelligent and did we mention it is really really fast.  Our unique results UI will put a smile on your face for sure. Your team may even give you a standing ovation.

Features and Capabilities:

Automatically Related Content

Forget about “tagging”, and adding “keywords”. Bithoop automatically performs those functions for you in the background.  It associates and relates all of your documents, without you having to do anything at all.

Remembering folders and file names are a thing of the past. So is slogging through your co-workers cryptic file name-ing conventions. Ditto for multiple shared folders with the same name but don’t have what you’re looking for.  Double ditto for the same file with different names.  Fire up bithoop and drag all of that wasted brain space to the recycle bin.  Put that regained brain power to a new and better use.

Make MS Teams Really File Smart

Microsoft Teams is awesome, and we make it even more awesome with our Smart Files™ technology.  You can embed a bithoop “tab” in Teams and have all of the features and capabilities on this page right inside any channel or team.

Instantly migrate legacy content from myriad SharePoint site collections without performing a migration.  Bithoop can index all that stuff in place, and will only move it if you use it, or not, the choice is yours.  Talk about the ultimate in discovery!

(some assembly may be required)

Self Organizing Files While You Work

Imagine opening a file in Word  (or Office App) inside bithoop and seeing all related documents gathered for you in the side bar. Imagine the joy when that long lost PowerPoint shows up that has all of that important stuff in it.

You will say “I forgot I had that”, or “Eureka”.  Guess what you don’t ever have to remember where it was because bithoop knows, and never forgets.

Work in your office apps just like you always do, using either on-line or installed versions of your Office Suite. Bithoop doesn’t care.

Food for Thought...

Thats just from making files smart. Use your imagination what will happen when we make your emails smart, and your contacts, and your calendar, and your messaging, and your SalesForce, Evernote, Google and everything else.

Yeah we’re a little excited… and hope you are too.

Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but can you imagine what our Smart Files™ technology can do to maintain compliance and content control? We can.