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Intelligently organize the information you need from many places...

...and prioritize it in one.  


The future of work is here.

Pro-actively and intelligently gather, prioritize and act on all the information you need to work on your various projects while still working with the apps you normally use.



What is bithoop?

Bithoop is an intelligent knowledge assistant for you and your team.

It proactively and predictively delivers the information you need to do your job.

No need to remember where anyone put it.


What is a hoop?

A hoop is an intelligent "agent" you assign to the projects you're working on.

It automatically gathers information from multiple sources and delivers it to you, updating automatically as new information becomes available.


Easy-To-Use, Easy-Set-Up

Bithoop brings you the right information, instantly. It's all automatic, no tagging, no categorizing, no nonsense.

Assign "hoops" to as many projects as you like, and keep everything up to date and nice and orderly.

Nothing to install, configure or migrate. Bithoop works with information "in place".  In other words it leaves it where it was put, your hoop finds it for you.


Tame the Info Deluge

In just a few clicks, powerful information triage features will do their magic.

  • Everything in one workspace
  • Hoops smartly locate what you need without you searching;
  • Rapidly adjust what you want/need to see;
  • Clip anything from the web, into a hoop;
  • Focus on whats important;
  • And much much more....

Bithoop, the easiest and fastest way
to manage company knowledge, for everyone.

Built for Everyone on Your Team

Easy-to-use, nothing to configure or migrate 

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We've been looking for something like this for a long time.  We have tried so many different tools, this is the one we need...

Sales Manager
Commercial Real Estate
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We have portals and a half dozen other tools that can't deliver with the speed, reliability and flexibility that bithoop can. 

Knowledge Manager
Wealth Management
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There is no delay in information flow, as soon as somebody does something, or adds something new we all know, and we all see the same thing.

Sr. Manager
Government Knowledge Desk
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We overshare.  Everything exists in duplicate or triplicate, and wrong versions are copied into other apps. Nobody knows where anything is...

Division Head
Energy Sector
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Bithoop is a far superior information manager to anything else that we have tried...

Research Director
Pharmaceutical Research