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Conquer information overload and sprawl. Intelligently manage all your information across multiple cloud applications from one place.

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Bithoop catalogs everything you have in your productivity stack. Google, Office365, Dropbox, Box, Slack etc., and lets you manage everything from Bithoop without messing anything up in those apps.

Stop constant searching..

Bithoop is smart! It knows what you're working on and simply brings you the relevant information. Yup that's right, it's magic.

Think of Bithoop as your new desktop, in your Browser..

See and act on your information without going to the application first. Better yet, automatically find everything related, duplicated, shared regardless of whether it's an email, a document, a tweet... it doesn't matter. Thats what Bithoop does, intelligently, rapidly, and magically.

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Spending too much time searching for the information you need to get your work done? Does your desktop look like a bomb went off? How about your inbox, or your shared folders? Well, you might just fall in love with this app. We’re looking for a few guinea pigs, are you in?

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